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Introducing Big Mix – Your 3-in-1 Instant Premix Solution!
In this ever-evolving world, where we are endlessly seeking solutions that are quick and adaptable to the changing demands of modern life, we are introducing The Next Food Technology, an evidence-based food company providing answers to all your culinary needs.

As advocates of science and flag bearers providing technological solutions for 35 years in the market through Wavetec as our parent company, we are proud to introduce a unique collision of innovation and taste in the food solution—BigMix by Next Food Technology. We’re not your average food & innovation company; we’re a vibrant, young, and audaciously different team of enthusiasts.

Our team of flavor magicians is always conjuring up the next big thing in the world of food. Our mixes are designed by top food technologists, and every recipe is backed by a certificate. Our brand isn’t just a blend of mixes; it’s a statement. It’s about trying new things, living in the moment, and embracing change with open arms. We’re on a mission to make sure every sip of BIG MIX contributes to a happier, healthier planet.



Instantly dissolves in water to deliver the flavor that immediately satisfies your taste buds and provides the familiar taste you were looking for.


Prepare your food in seconds—making it simple and quick for your convenience.


Under the umbrella of the latest food technology, we have harnessed the knowledge and understanding of our food scientists and technologists to develop healthy and organic taste and food solutions.

Diverse range

Explore our product range of premixes, featuring instant tea and other versatile food products. Our diverse selection of powders effortlessly blends with water, providing you with endless food options at your convenience.